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We work with many self-managed associations & condos as well as associations with their own private property manager. 

Smaller associations can use our office and their attorney's office and save a lot of money. We are not a management company.

PAYHOA  owner portals
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not yet a PAYHOA registered user?
Email us at hoa@thegeneralledger.com  with your property address and let us know that you would like to use PAYHOA to get an activation link. We will send you an activation link right from PAYHOA so keep an eye out.

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Isola Bella 

Lake Harbour Towers South

Tudor II North

Tudor II South

We have a dropbox outside of our door that you may drop off 
payments etc into if you need to. 

We can not accept cash payments, not even in person !

Thank you, we appreciate your business !!