The General Ledger of the Palm Beaches, Inc.






5646 Corporate Way

West Palm Beach, FL 33407

phone: 561-616-0555

fax: 561-616-1069


We work with many self-managed associations & condos. 
Using our office and your attorney's office, many associations can
self manage and save a lot of money. We are not a management company, 
the board self manages and we handle all of the bookkeeping with direction from the board member(s).

Please feel free to ask for a free quote for your association/condo ! 

Regarding AUTO Pay through PAYHOA. 
IF your association dues went up you will need to login and click on disable autopay and then reclick enable autopay and set the maximum for the new dues amount ! If you have a balance due pls make a one time payment for that amount. Thank you ! 

PAYHOA owner portals !! 
(if you do not already have a PAYHOA account setup, just send us an email to with your property address to get an activation link)

The owner portal system is easy to setup, we first need to send you an activation link (from PAYHOA) then you add your password and you are able to see your payment history as well as setup autopay to hit on the due date and make online payments free of charge (if you choose to pay with a credit card then a 2.9% processing fee is added to your payment). 

The first time you setup a payment you need to verify your bank account by either searching for your bank and logging in or by verifying two small deposits within a day or two of entering your information, then you log back in and verify those amounts and you are ready to make payments online, either one time payments or autopayments.

To setup autopay or just add a bank, you login and then click on pay now and then click on enable autopay. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, we are here to help make this as easy as possible !

Lake Harbour Towers South

Tudor II

We have a dropbox outside of our door that you may drop off 
payments etc into if you need to. 

We can not accept cash payments, not even in person !

Thank you, we appreciate your business !!