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Brittany Village POA


Please send us your email address with your property address for more efficient communication at

You can pay your dues:


1. Online: 

Click here to pay through your online portal 

If you do not receive emails from us or our association payment method (PAYHOA) then please send us an email at with your property address as the subject so that we may add your email address to our records and send you an activation link.

We are excited to now offer owner portals to all of our associations. It is easy to setup, we need to send you an activation link (from PAYHOA) then you add your password and you are able to see your payment history as well as setup autopay to hit on the due date and make online payments free of charge (if you choose to pay with a credit card then a 2.9% processing fee is added to your payment). 

The first time you setup a payment you need to verify your bank account by either searching for your bank and logging in or by manually adding your bank account by verifying two small deposits within a day or two of entering your information, then you can make payments online. You may also setup autopay to hit on the due date through your portal. You set that up by logging in and then clicking on pay now and then click on enable autopay. 

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, we are here to help make this transition as easy as possible.




2. Check: You can write a check payable to Brittany POA and mail it to:

          TGL c/o Center State Bank

           PO Box  668644

           Miami, FL 33166



Architectural Changes 
If you have architectural Changes please fill out the below form and Email to the President, John Nobile at or call him to arrange drop off at 561-346-6451 (mobile) or 561-478-1524 (Home). All change request must go to the board directly.

We no longer handle the processing of these forms and we willl not know the status of your request so it is best that you contact John Or Cynthia,, directly. 

Brittany Village Application Process for Lease or Purchase:

Please find below the documents needed to complete this process:

  1. Application
  2. Notice of Intent to Sell/Lease
  3. Owner Affirmations
  4. Parking Permit Form
  5. Applicant Authorization for us to run a background check and a credit check on each adult that will be living in the property at Brittany Village

We will also need:

  1. Copy of the drivers license for all adults that will be living in the property at Brittany Village
  2. $250 check made payable to Brittany Village POA per Adult applying. (this fee is non-refundable)
  3. Copy of Lease contract or purchase contract
  4. If Renting , a copy of the License from the city (application form below with instructions)



It normally takes 15 days to complete the process upon receipt of all of the above because the board members need to review everything.

Brittany Village - Documents